Welcome to Kanto Plains Baptist Church (KPBC). Located near the Yokota Air Force Base, we are blessed
to worship Jesus in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual contemporary format. All sermons, ministries and
events are in English and Japanese.


Being founded upon the Southern Baptist Convention and holding a membership of the Japan Baptist
Convention, our church family consists of many like-minded people from other backgrounds as well. We
sincerely strive to be a church without walls and barriers.


So if you are a local Japanese who would like to brush up on your English while becoming friends with
Christians from other countries, or if you are on a short-term assignment with the military and want to
connect with and minister to the local Japanese Body of Christ as you grow deeper in your own walk
with the Lord, Kanto Plains may well be the home church you are looking for in this season of your life.



Announcements&Events 報告&イベント

This week's events are in red. 赤色は今週のイベントです。

Tuesdays 18:30~20:00 Prayer Meeting 祈祷会(毎週火曜日)
2/21 10:30~11:30 Angel Class エンジェルクラス
2/21,28 11:30~12:30
Hand Bell Choir
Beginner 初心者 Intermediate 中級以上
2/11 13:00~15:00 2YA PPP(Youth/Young Adult)PPP
2/25 12:30~14:00 Fellowship Potluck 持ち寄り愛餐会
2/22 10:00~12:00 Word Wise Class ワードワイズ Class
2/17 8:30~15:00 Men`s breakfast /prayer男性用朝食祈祷会
2/16 10:00~12:00 Ladies Culture Club レディースカルチャークラブ
18:00~19:30 Hymn Night 賛美歌ナイト
3/3 18:30~20:00 Game Night ゲームナイト



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